Welcome to the GBL!

The GBL stands for “Gentleman’s Basketball League”. ¬†Founded in 1997 by Tim Brown, Brian Yarnell and Jim Steinhouse, the game began as a collection of players from the Los Angeles MoGraph industry that gathered every Sunday morning to play basketball at Mark Twain Middle School in Mar Vista, CA. Frequently this required hopping the fence and playing on the asphalt courts. Taking a tumble instantly made the unfortunate player a member of the “Skin Club” due to the fact that most likely they left a little skin on the court. Over the years the group expanded to include IT workers, lawyers, doctors and just about anybody that could play the round-ball. The name GBL came about because the founders became tired of all of the arguing while playing on various courts around LA and decided to form a game based on the simple rule of “Honoring the Call”. That meant no arguing over fouls. To this day that is still the rule and disrespecting it can result in expulsion from the group. In around 2002, the GBL merged with a group called the “Bouncing Buddies” (run by Gary Rosen since the 80’s) which had been playing in the indoor gym at Mark Twain and then shortly after that found a home Wednesday nights at Memorial Park gym thanks to Phil Daman, GBL manager at the time. The GBL switched homes again 2 years later to Marina Del Rey Middleschool, it’s current home, and became managed by founder Tim Brown.

First blog post

GBL mixed with Bouncing Buddies at Mark Twain Middle School

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